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【セミナー開催案内】「Targeted alpha therapy and theranostics in the future」




講演者はDept of Nuclear Medicine, Dusseldorf Universityの Prof. Dr. Frederik L. Giesel氏です。


機構セミナー「Targeted alpha therapy and theranostics in the future」

講師:Prof. Dr. Frederik L. Giesel (Dept of Nuclear Medicine, Dusseldorf University)

開催日時: 2022年11月25日14:00〜15:00

開催場所: ハイブリッド(放射線科学基盤機構附属ラジオアイソトープ総合センター吹田本館会議室 + Webex

Webex: https://osaka-u.webex.com/osaka-u/j.php?MTID=m11935b22ff2548564863609601700880

ミーティング番号: 2516 229 9705

パスワード: A3Ps8JbT97x


連絡先:watabe@tracer.med.osaka-u.ac.jp (大阪大学大学院医学系研究科 渡部直史)

概要 Abstract

Nuclear Medicine is in a revolutionary era translating new innovative imaging probes and particular also theranostic applications to improve patient management and care.

Today, personlized medicine is one of the most important approach to improve patient treatment outcome and long lasting treatment effect. Nuclear medicine is a key player due to the matter that non-invasive patient phenotyping is possible to stratify treatment benefits using imaging-probes which later can be modified for further radio-pharmaceutical drug attacking on cellular level tumor cells and its micro-environment while sparing normal tissue.

Furthermore, ground-breaking translation work have supported the venue of utilizing instead of beta-emitter rather alpha-emitter to long lasting cancer treatment effects. Beta-Emitter in radiopharmaceuticals enables only single-strand-break, while alpha-emitter inducing double-strand-DNA breaks which often translate in direct cell death due to apoptosis and possible longer treatment duration. Many efforts have been made in science to introduce alpha-emitter into clinical enviroment, but often challenged by regulation, production chain and distribution channel.

This presentation will give an overview of the impact of alpha emitter in cancer, new targets and its recent development on a regional and global perspective.