Medical Collaboration Project

Project for development of nuclear medicine therapy using alpha particles

1/3 of cancer patients are identified to have advanced cancer such as adjacent organ invasion, and distant metastases during the first medical examination, and these are difficult to treat using surgical resection and irradiation. The main treatment methods at present are chemotherapy and immunotherapy, however, the 5-year relative survival rate is 15% or less. Therefore, we are aiming to develop a “Nuclear medicine therapy using alpha particles” in which cancer cells are destroyed by alpha particles introduced into the body through the administration of alpha particle emitting radionuclide, as a treatment with low side-effects by principally targeting patients diagnosed with advanced cancer during the first medical examination.

In this project, we will focus on Astatine-211(211At), which emits only alpha particles and develop a targeting agent for the accumulation of alpha particle emitting radionuclides in various tumors. We will develop the nuclear medicine therapy using alpha particles after verifying the therapeutic effect, side-effects, and exposure to the surroundings for the therapeutic agents that are formulated.



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