Organizational Overview

We established the Institute for Radiation Sciences that integrates the radiation-related facilities of the whole university including 15 business facilities and 2 Nuclear Fuel Usage Facilities. The Radioisotope Research Center has been established as an organization in the institute to play the central role for the Division of Safety Management, Division of Education, and Division of Science as well as for the institute, we have ensured a system for close cooperation with the radiation-related facilities of each department by appointing full-time faculty members and visiting faculty of other concerned departments.

Though the radiation-related facilities of each department will be maintained and managed by the respective departments as before, they will also be made partially available for shared use under the management of the institute. The institute will oversee radiation safety by collaborating with the management office of each facility and an environment comprising of a university-wide system will be established for educational research in the relevant fields.

Innovative radiation management system by integration of facilities across the university

Organization Chart


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