Mission and Activities

Our aim is to bring the facilities using radioisotopes, facilities using nuclear fuel materials, and other radiation-related facilities under one roof and promote radiation safety management, education, research, industry-academia co-creation, and social contribution at our university.

  • We will establish a radiation management system across the university, and a safety security system based on university-wide collaboration.
  • We will share educational resources on radiation and nuclear power, and offer university-wide educational and human resource development programs.
  • We will promote cross-departmental educational research projects for radiation.
  • We will develop medical innovation mainly for new nuclear medicine therapy using alpha particles. We will carry out the budgetary request program, “Promotion of new innovations in radiation medical care with the establishment of the Institute of Radiation Sciences” across the university, mainly at the Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Research Center for Nuclear Physics, and Radioisotope Research Center.
  • We will promote shared use and joint research with industry-academia co-creation in the fields of radiation and nuclear power. We will also promote coordination and collaboration with international organizations and related ministries and agencies, and the establishment of collaborative centers for radiation facilities across Japan.
  • Facility integration and function consolidation: We aim to integrate 2 projects of the Graduate School of Science and RI Center (Toyonaka) on April 1, 2018, and the radiation-related facilities of the Graduate School of Medicine and RI Center (Suita) in 2019. In the medium- to long-term, we will proceed with reorganization of the facilities within the university and consolidate the functions to the optimum scale.


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