Greetings from the Institute Director

The “Institute for Radiation Sciences, Osaka University” was launched on April 1, 2018. This institute integrates the radiation-related facilities of the whole university so that new research education and solutions to problems concerning radiation science can be implemented flexibly across departments. The institute aims at the peaceful use of radiation based on industry-academia-government co-creation, by enhancement and rationalization of the university-wide system for radiation safety management and functional improvement of educational research in the field of radiation.

The budgetary request program, “Promotion of new innovations in healthcare with the establishment of the Institute of Radiation Sciences” (2018 to 2022) is in progress at the institute, and will promote new healthcare applications through industry-academia co-creation in collaboration with the accelerator facility in the university and Osaka University Hospital, mainly for the development of new nuclear medicine therapy using alpha particles with a focus on the development of human resources (Healthcare personnel, and human resources from Asia) and radiation training. At the same time, we will also contribute to the creation of next-generation groundbreaking innovations by building a new cross-departmental research system, university-wide educational programs, and by enhancing collaboration with relevant organizations both in Japan and abroad.

This institute, consisting of 3 departments and 1 center as shown in the organization chart, started its activities as a university-wide system with 10 full-time faculty members (Including specially appointed faculty) and a total of 126 faculty members holding concurrent posts from 14 associated departments. I request for support and cooperation from stakeholders and related organizations inside and outside the university.


Atsushi Shinohara, Director, Institute of Radiation Sciences


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