Educational Programs

Details of each educational program

General Education

[Undergraduate and Graduate Students]
Minimum knowledge about radiation and basic knowledge about radiation hazards will be taught as general education to students so that they can become facilitators for the family and society.

[Staff engaged in work with exposure to radiation, researchers, and people related to universities from other fields]
We will aim at creating an international education base, and promote on-campus and off-campus education on radiation and nuclear energy, and development of human resources.
We will provide education, training and basic knowledge required for individuals working with radiation for research.

Practical Education

With Osaka University as the base, we will develop industry-ready human resources for the society in the field of radiation.

Development of Cancer Professionals for the Genome Generation
“Cancer Professional” Training Plan to address various emerging needs
  1. Cancer Professional Training Course (Training Course for Radiation Therapy Professionals and Researchers of Genome Generation)
  2. Advanced Clinical Medical Physicist Training Course for the Genome Generation
  3. Advanced Medical Physics Course I (Master course for Medical Technology Graduates)
    Advanced Medical Physics Course II (Master course for Science and Technology Graduates)
  4. Advanced Genome Medical Physics Course (Post-doctoral Program)
Radiation-related programs by the government (Local governments, fire brigade, and police).

Further Education

[Teachers of Elementary, Junior, and Senior High Schools]
Teachers, who have difficulty in talking about the topic of radiation during class, including science teachers who find it difficult to address the new curriculum related to radiation, will be educated so that they can explain to some extent.

We aim at radiation-related outreach activities and development of facilitators who are indispensable for spreading the knowledge on radiation to highly interested citizens.


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